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The1Mukhi.com is the name, which suggests and gives respect to this holy bead representing The Lord Shiva itself. It is a tribute from us to this great symbol of Shiva!

These Articles & Blogs about 1 Mukhi Round, Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha, Savar & Siddha Dana Rudraksha Nepali are specifically written, created, proofed and compiled by some of our most knowledgable, experienced and well known Gyaanis, Yogis, Karam Kaand Pandits & Collectors who has used this miracle of nature and symbol of shiva themselves. This blog is a mix of testimonials, direct inputs and age old experiences provided by generations. Pashupatinath mandir has also contributed in these articles and blogs, which gives a clear insight into the Miraculous Benefits & Effects of these Rare Beads. Read them, Beleive them and Apply them by using these Beads. This will also clear off almost all of your Queries, Doubts & Myths about this greatest of the great prasadam of Lord Shiva & Parvati called Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Gole Dana & 1 Mukhi Java.

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ek mukhi gol dana

Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the Most SOUGHT AFTER & deliberated subject in the field of Holy Rudrakshas Beads.

#. Cosmic & Spiritual Powers of Natural Ek Mukhi Round Rudraksha, Siddha, Savar & 1 Mukhi Java Rudraksha:
The super natural powers of these rudraksha beads have always been a question of debate. But the fact remains that the great sadhus, tantrics and aghoris utilize it to the maximum. But that doesn’t mean that a common man remains deprived of these powers and its effects. Its just that a common man's senses are not that developed to feel the difference. Hence, after wearing these holy beads, there are certain aspects and spiritual effects that remains a mystery for us, but certainly make us more wealthier, healthier and wiser than others. Its aura protects us from unwanted and evil elements around us. It gives us immense tolerance, inner strength, great calculations, high thought process and a sense of responsibility towards humanity. With great power comes great responsibility, which ultimately leads to great respect, leadership and dominance over the society.

#. How To Procure / Buy Round 1 Mukhi or Java Rudraksha and is it Available?
You can buy these most authentic ek mukhi gol rudraksha beads from us. And if you buy one, consider yourself as the Luckiest person of the world. If its available in stock, then we strongly recommend to procure and possess it immediately. This is because there are very limited pieces available in the world. Its really not that much in abundance. And the best shape, texture, vastu and aura is well tested by us before the sourcing and procurement process at www.the1mukhi.com.  You can buy it with confidence that these are selective pieces precisely chosen to churn out actual results of the 1 mukhi only. Hence, you can trust us blindly, when it comes to ek mukhi rudraksha beads.

#. Do we know the chemical & physical properties of Rudrakshas? What is the relation of power of rudrakshas with these properties? What is the importance of Rudraksha therapy in relation to its properties, uses, benefits and its powers?
All the biological & chemical properties of a natural Rudraksha are very much beneficial in all the Rudraksha therapies. We can also feel the spiritual effects of an organic real rudraksha and they are also used for Therapeutic Purposes as well. Ayurveda and other age old indian remedial systems have described the usage of Rudraksha in healing and curing many types of diseases. But, when we require substantial scientific proofs, we refer to its chemical and biological properties, which ultimately proves its powers as a great healing weapon. The Ek Mukhi Round Gol Dana & 1 Mukhi Java Rudrakshas are known and considered very useful in regulating, governing, supervising, monitoring, directing and controlling Mental illnesses.

Rudraksha's Physical Properties

Specific gravity for Rudraksha is above 1.05, which rises up to 1.70 depending upon the dryness of Rudraksha beads. Sometimes due to high moisture content, the bead may float on water, but it doesn’t happens every time, hence clarifying the myth behind the believe that a natural rudraksha should float on water. If its fallen off its branches pre-ripe, it will float and if it falls being over-ripe, it will submerge in the water. Now, the PH value for Rudraksha beads is above 4.82. Acidity is also there which depends upon many factors. Beads found and used from unripe/not fully grown fruits are more acidic in nature.

The 1 mukhi round and java rudraksha beads have very powerful Electro Magnetic & Para Magnetic inductive properties, hence showing different effects for different varieties. These properties of ek mukhi gol, ek mukhi java etc. are used for positive effects and precise results in the field of Neurophysiology and Psychiatry.

Rudraksha's Bio-Chemical Properties:
The chemical analysis reports of these rudraksha beads suggest the presence of vitamin c, citric acid, & rudraksha oil with multiple alkaloids and the pharma effects of these beads indicate more than one active principle element in it. Rudraksha extracts also has Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Protozoal, Anti Fungal & Anti Helminthic properties.

Rudraksha Oil:
Rudraksha Oil is a pale yellow colored liquid with a ref. index of 1.46. Specific gravity of this rudraksh oil is 0.93 approx. Analysis of Fatty Acids suggests presence of iso palmitic oil, iso stearic oil and traces of many other oils.

Rudraksha Water:
Generally it is seen that if an organic rudraksha bead is placed in water for some time, its temperature will rise a bit. Hence, water becomes acidic and its electrical conductivity increases upto 24 Hrs. This clearly suggests that rudraksha charged water improves health.
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