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The1Mukhi.com is the name, which suggests and gives respect to this holy bead representing The Lord Shiva itself. It is a tribute from us to this great symbol of Shiva!

These Articles & Blogs about 1 Mukhi Round, Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha, Savar & Siddha Dana Rudraksha Nepali are specifically written, created, proofed and compiled by some of our most knowledgable, experienced and well known Gyaanis, Yogis, Karam Kaand Pandits & Collectors who has used this miracle of nature and symbol of shiva themselves. This blog is a mix of testimonials, direct inputs and age old experiences provided by generations. Pashupatinath mandir has also contributed in these articles and blogs, which gives a clear insight into the Miraculous Benefits & Effects of these Rare Beads. Read them, Beleive them and Apply them by using these Beads. This will also clear off almost all of your Queries, Doubts & Myths about this greatest of the great prasadam of Lord Shiva & Parvati called Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Gole Dana & 1 Mukhi Java.

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Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the Most SOUGHT AFTER & deliberated subject in the field of Holy Rudrakshas Beads.

#. What is the Story of Origin & History of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?
The origin of 1 mukhi rudraksha is linked with the Story of tripurasura samhara. It has many secrets mentioned in the literature which tells us a lot about these rudrakshas. The story stands like this: Tripura-suras are the 3 demons having Immeasurable powers, who live in three Places which were built in the sky, continuously revolving in the space and can be compared to huge flying saucers. These places are safeguarded by a help by Ganesha. Nothing can harm these tripurasuras and mandalas until and unless they form into a single axis. It is said that this moment comes only once when these purams align and  come into a single axis in thousands of years. When requested and forced by all gods, the great almighty the Shiva decided to destroy these devils. Lord Shiva went into deep tapasya with his almost half closed eyes in a particular aasan called Ardh Nimilitaa Netraa. After the tapasya, when lord shiva opened his both eyes, he concentrated on this axis formation & destroyed these 3 purams. The tapasya which he has done for this purpose has caused a deep stress and tiredness due to which, when he opened his eyes, some tears rolled out and fell and hence turned into Rudraksha trees. That’s why it is called Rudra-Aksha = Rudraksha. Means the TEARS of SHIVA. The first fruit from these trees In NEPAL turned into the EK MUKHI GOLE DANA RUDRAKSHA & the first fruit from these trees in INDONESIA turned into the EK MUKHI JAVA RUDRAKSHA, which was in the shape of SHIVA’s Third Eye. Hence These 2 types of ek mukhi rudrakshas are the most powerful ones in the world.

#. Can the Spiritual & Astrological Effects of these Rudrakshas be felt and how much time it takes to show its effects & results?
Spiritually, we can feel its Aura, Magnetism and Energy Field. But to feel that, one must have the Crown and Higher Crown Chakra open and clear. Yes, it has very strong effects and benefits as it is considered as a miraculous bead. Time taken to show effects is a very generic term. Generally, it takes 6 months to come in full power and effects and sometimes it can take even 12 to 18 months. And in some cases, we have even seen its effects in 2 to 3 hours. There is no specific time mentioned for this as it is a natural remedy, but the effects are felt, seen and visible within 90 days. This is what we have seen from years. Its benefits and effects are also mentioned in sacred books, vedas & upanishads also.

#. What is the Source & Origin of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads & Who all can use and wear it?
Origin of all ek mukhi rudrakshas is the asian belt and is connected with the story of Tripurasuraa Samhaara. It has many untold secrets about these ek mukhi rudraksha beads, which unfolds the mystery about its magical powers and benefits. The secret benefits of this bead has given immense spiritual and cosmic powers to many sadhus, asurs, saadhaks, tantriks, aghoris, pandits in the old yugas and in the modern times, business men, leaders, administrative officers, politicians, judges, corporate heads, business tycoons & industrialists who use, wear and possess these miraculous beads for great powers, strong intuition levels, mental stability & sharpness of mind, name, fame, high thought process and immense riches. And for a layman or a common man, it can open a gateway to immense knowledge, spiritual connect and wisdom, higher profits, and other benefits as mentioned in the listings and other articles on our website www.the1mukhi.com
The origin of the 1 mukhi rudrakshas differs as per their shape and types. For example, ek mukhi gole dana round rudraksha, siddha dana and savar comes from Nepal, 1 mukhi java - the grain shaped rudraksha, which is also said to be the 3rd eye of shiva comes from indonesia, trinetra ek mukhi and ek mukhi jyotir lingam comes from nepal and himalyan belt and last one, the 1 mukhi kaju dana or the half moon shaped ek mukhi comes mostly from south indian belt.
There is another misconception related to rudrakshas that ladies with monthly periods cannot wear them. This is all incorrect, wrong and just a myth. Rudrakshas are natural beads with its own effects and this menstrual cycle of every female is also a natural phenomenon. There is no connection between a female being impure and not allowed to wear these holy beads. Infact, we have seen that ladies, girls and females having problematic menstrual bleedings or gynecological issues or irregular periods or PCOD problems have been healed and shown great benefits in the menstrual and gynecological issues. Hence, wearing this magical bead can give relief to all females facing these types of issues.

#. What is the Actual Meaning of Rudraksha?
The word Rudraksha comes from Rudra + Aksha = Rudraksha. Rudra here means Lord Shiva himself and the word Aksha means his Eye. Hence, it resembles The Third Eye of Lord Shiva.
Utpatti of Rudraksha Beads is as follows: When Lord Shiva opened his eyes after 1000 years of tapasya, tears came out of his eyes due to stress and tiredness, which dropped on earth at several places including himalayas. Wherever his tears have dropped, trees have grown which are unique in itself and churns out fruits called rudraksha beads. Hence, the presence of rudraksha beads are recorded at all those places, including the Asian Himalayan belt of Nepal, India and near about places and countries of Indonesia as well. Its been thousands of years those rudraksha trees are still intact and gives us these miraculous beads which are used for the benefits of humanity and mankind. Rudrakshas have some miraculous effects.
From the Philosophical point of view, we consider Rudraksha not just a bead or a nut, it also resembles the Prasadam of Lord Shiva or Lord Shiva himself. So wearing Rudraksha is like dedicating yourself to BHole Naath and attaining Shivatwa. Once done, specially the 1 mukhi gol dana or the ek  mukhi java, benefits will automatically follow with it. This is because in vedic puranas and shastras, there are a lot of mentions that these two types of Ek Mukhi Rudrakshas are considered the jewels of shiva and called diamond in rudrakshas. These two types of ek mukhi beads makes the wearer king or feel like king because it has immense powers.

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