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The1Mukhi.com is the name, which suggests and gives respect to this holy bead representing The Lord Shiva itself. It is a tribute from us to this great symbol of Shiva!

These Articles & Blogs about 1 Mukhi Round, Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha, Savar & Siddha Dana Rudraksha Nepali are specifically written, created, proofed and compiled by some of our most knowledgable, experienced and well known Gyaanis, Yogis, Karam Kaand Pandits & Collectors who has used this miracle of nature and symbol of shiva themselves. This blog is a mix of testimonials, direct inputs and age old experiences provided by generations. Pashupatinath mandir has also contributed in these articles and blogs, which gives a clear insight into the Miraculous Benefits & Effects of these Rare Beads. Read them, Beleive them and Apply them by using these Beads. This will also clear off almost all of your Queries, Doubts & Myths about this greatest of the great prasadam of Lord Shiva & Parvati called Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Gole Dana & 1 Mukhi Java.

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Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the Most SOUGHT AFTER & deliberated subject in the field of Holy Rudrakshas Beads.

#. Is it a Fact, Myth or a Reality. If it is a Fact or Reality or it Actually Exists, then what about its Super Natural Powers, do these powers exist and are they easily Available?

Round Ek mukhi is very well present, reality and is available, but rare! Its rarity makes it more debatable and fakes available makes it more sought after and valuable.

Ek Mukhi Rudrakshas are generally available in Cashew Nut or Kaju Dana or Khaju Daana shapes. They generally have only one line on them and are available in big quantities. They generally contain single compartment and single seed and are very cheap to procure because of its quantity it is available in the market. Though this single compartment makes the nut collapse and turn into a cashew nut shape, but its origin makes it more like this, not its single compartment only. In some specific belts like Nepal and its adjoining areas, ek mukhi gole or round rudraksha retains it's round shape. This rudraksha is rare and not available easily. Hence, there are very few suppliers in this world who specializes in it and its our pleasure to announce that we are one of them and the largest among all suppliers of the world at www.the1mukhi.com

Ek Mukhis are available in FOUR Types and Shapes:

a). Kaju Dana, which is very cheap, of indian origin, available in bulk worldwide with almost every seller.
b). Ek Mukhi Siddha Dana, which is rare, not very rare. Its is available, but not in Bulk. We supply them at www.the1mukhi.com
c). Ek Mukhi Indonesian/Java Rudraksha Bead, which is like the shape of Wheat Grain or like the THIRD EYE of LORD SHIVA, i.e. shiv ji ki teesri aankh. This rudraksha bead is very rare to find. Hence, available with sellers who are COLLECTORS of this Rare Beads and/or specializes into 1 Mukhi / One Facet Rudrakshas only. We are one of them at www.the1mukhi.com
d). Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Round Shape Nepal Origin is the rarest of them all, the most sought after and is as powerful as Lord Shiva’s Direct Prasadam itself. This rarest beads are available very few in quantity and we greatly, mainly and collectively deal and are known for these 1 mukhi nepali gole dana only. These are available with us at at www.the1mukhi.com

Note: Ek Mukhi Gole Dana Nepali and Indonesian (shape of Wheat Grain/Shiva’s third eye) are almost equally powerful and effective when compared to each other. It’s just the shape and size that matters.

 #. Specialities of Ek Mukhi Java / Siddha Dana / Round Ek Mukhi Nepali:

There is no doubt Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksh from Nepal or Ek Mukhi from Java are the most powerful rudraksh beads among all Rudrakshas. Clearly mentioned in Vedas and Puranas, heavily used and exploited for various spiritual powers in Tantra and its Vidhis, these two types of splendid beads in Round Shape & Shiva’s Third eye Shape are full of natural, spiritual, tantric, cosmic and magnetic powers. Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha lets the wearer feel like Lord Shiva himself in terms of power, givings, truthfulness, principles, dominance, greatness, responsibility, soft heartedness and the broad spectrum of aura. It is also used for salvation or mukti for resting of the soul in peace.

#. Authenicity of Various Signs & Symbols Present on Round 1 Mukhi / Siddha Dana / Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha:

Some people say and believe that round 1 mukhi and ek mukhi java will have signs of shivlingam over it, or serpent or trishul or sign of aum naturally formed on it. But, it is Not True At All. THESE ALL ARE MYTHS AND FAKES CREATED BY ARTISANS TO DUPE PEOPLE ON BEHALF OF THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEVES. These symbols MENTIONED ABOVE are totally man made and people carve them or create them on 4 / 5 / 6 mukhi cheap rudraksh beads & sell them at exorbitant and unreasonable prices. Any one of these symbols mentioned above, present or seen on any of the rudraksh bead Certifies it as FAKE, CREATED, MANIPULATED AND CARVED Rudraksha bead. This is because a layman generally has never gone through original Round 1 Faced or Java Rudrakshas in his life span, which makes them vulnerable to the fakes and carved man made beads. This makes it easy for people dealing in fake rudrakshas to dupe innocent people around in the name of religion and spirituality.

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